This feature actively sends notifications regarding the tasks assigned to you through the inbox, and addresses the document approval process and the validity period of documents under your supervision. This feature also makes it possible for you to keep abreast of the information that matters to you most.


Exdoma’s Dashboard Monitoring feature presents the latest status and statistics relating to your company’s document collection. This feature shows a list of documents that will expire, recently uploaded documents, and the number of types and categories of documents in your database.


Exdoma’s Audit Trail feature provides an integrated platform that allows you to view a complete history of activities and tasks relating to your documents and also to track user activities so that you can quickly and easily see which parties access which files. This feature also helps you to keep an eye on any actions that they take regarding each file.


Faster and easier to organize searches for documents by tagging category, metadata, and text body. Exdoma is also equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that allows the system to read text in scanned documents or images.
A Comprehensive Platform to Enhance Your Workflow
With many years of experience as the most trusted source for Indonesian legal documents, we thrive on helping you to simplify and manage your documents. (2)
User Friendly Interface
Exclusively designed for everyday users, the Exdoma interface is simple to use and makes the job of locating the documents you need easy. (3)
Multiple User
Exdoma can be accessed by multiple users and is equipped with important features, such as an approval system and document versioning, so your team will always be well connected. (2) (4)
Back up & Restore
Exdoma’s Back Up & Restore feature allows you to preserve and secure your important documents automatically.
Group 1
Access Level
Limiting the users that can access your documents, Exdoma protects your documents and keeps you in control.
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